This is the Home Page for: The Grim, Dark Future. A campaign of Dark Herey, second edition.

The campaign is set on: the hive world of Yanlis 12

I have 8 players (when they all show up)

Inquisitor Ulrik Mjorn is dead! Over the next several months his primary acolyte and close friend Inquisitor Zeinab Zuub takes command of the Inquisitorial Powers in the area, claiming herself as Protector of the System!

Zeinab, rallies what forces she can and begins to track down all the leads and clues Ulrik was following. She pulls together her own band of acolytes and desperadoes to reclaim the area for the people she defends.

Join our band of acolytes as they dodge baddies and goodies of many factions as the clues unravel.

The Grim, Dark Future. [DH2@Geekbox]